I'm a champion for greatness. If you're looking to step more fully into YOUR greatness, let's go! 

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As far as you can see from where you're standing, what do you want in life? Who do you have to be in order to get there?  


On the other side of the things you've been wanting to change, improve, alter, repair, heal, and fix is what we're calling your "Horizon Life". The version of you living that life is your "Horizon Self". This program is about you stepping on the path of being that version of you now. 


The Horizon Path

Find your path, find yourself.

This is a 7 week program that consists of two hour sessions once a week, in person or on-line, in groups or one-on-one. 

During this time we will look at 8 areas of your life (Mind, Body, Work, Play, Finances, Relationships, Inner Game, Outer Game) and find where you are and where you want to be.

Once we get clear on where you are, we'll look at who you'd be if you were already living the life of your most authentic and wildest dreams and connect you to that person now.

Once you take on that way of being it's all engines go. 

This program shifts who you're being and from there it shifts your actions and your results. 

Are you ready? 


Session 1: Where?

Where are you in your life right now versus where you want to be. Clarity here allows for a clearer path forward. Until we know where we are and where we’re going, any path will do. This is a process that has been developed for over a decade. 

Session 2: Who?

Who do you have to be to live the life you want, your Horizon Life?

It’s time to connect to the YOU who is living the life of your dreams, your Horizon Self.  

That version of you has already overcome all of the obstacles you’re facing and achieved the things you want to achieve. 

Taking on that way of being will transform your life now.

Session 3: Why?

Why do you want what you want? 

Having a strong “why” supercharges your way forward.

Session 4: What? / How?

What do you have to do to reach your goals? 

People often start here without being clear on where they're going or why.

You know your goals, your why and who you need to be so you can define your how more clearly. 

You know how something seems overwhelming until you break it into small steps?

Now that you know where you’re going we can focus fully on getting there.

Session 5: Adjust/review?

How is it possible that you’ve made such strides in such a short time?

Building on what you’ve been creating since week one, you’ll continue to move towards your goals and will surprise yourself with the distance you’ve covered.

Session 6: Achieve/acknowledge?

The final push! You can see your Target Goal! It’s in sight and within reach! In many cases people have passed their target goals already and this is the time to see what else is possible! 

Session 7: Review/renew?

Have you leveled up? Looking back at how far you’ve come in 6 weeks is a powerful reminder of what’s possible in a short time. You’re now leaps ahead of where you were. What will you do now?


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I want to live in a world where everyone is living from that place. Sometimes people need a hand to step back into their greatness. I help people carve out the mental and emotional space to step powerfully towards that version of themselves. 

Together we craft a vision of the life you truly want to be living and work on connecting you to the version of yourself who would naturally be living that life.

From there, actions will start to flow that fit that new normal. 

People who work with me have had results that range from building multi-million dollar businesses, starting to love themselves for the first time ever, building their dream homes, finding the relationships of their dreams, revitalizing their fitness, discovering and rediscovering passions and more. 

The results depend on you because it's your life, and it's your game.

 Are you winning? Are you ready to level up? 

 If so, Let's play! 

Over the last decade or so, I've developed the program that I wanted to participate in.  

I wanted a structure for how to create a life I loved which at the same time didn't tell me how to live. I had the answers inside of me and I wanted to get them out. It took me a while to figure out how to get myself there and then even longer to empower myself to act on any of it. 

Once I did, my life started to change and once I started showing others my program, their lives started to change. 

It was amazing! All they needed was a hand to get on the path and then they were off! 

More people were interested and I started to run some free meet-ups. After the first round, one of the participants went from making 3 grand in sales a month to 30 thousand dollars. He did another round of the program and his businesses revenue expanded again. 

While the numbers in that case are impressive, what made the difference was the freedom he felt in choosing his path and letting go of everything that wasn't that. He did the work, he made that shift, and change in his life and in the hundreds of people who now work for him, and it was clear that was going to happen the moment he chose his Horizon Path. 

The power of the program is that participants get the chance to choose a new normal. Once they do, their actions flow from there and life alters forever. 

It's not that complicated but it does take something. If this is for you, if you're ready to create a new normal for you and your life, let's go.