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I like to talk

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I believe that language impacts thought, connection, society, the world. Therefore I believe that the quality of our conversations dictates the quality of our lives. 

Years ago I asked myself what would constitute a good life for me and I came up with the idea that living a life where I got to talk about the things that lit me up on a regular basis would be a great start. 

This idea has led me to hosting a podcast (soon I'll be launching a second), and giving talks on stage, with live groups that foster greater connection to the greatness inside of each of us.  take many forms; from hosting two podcasts, Life Athletics and Global Go, to live interviews, talks on stage, talks in retreats or workshops, circles, gatherings, parties...

The Life Athletics Podcast is an interview series in which people who “know their game and are winning” share their stories, habits of thought and habits of action that serve them, as well as their top tips, tricks, and training to live large, and level up. 

"The Global Go podcast" is the show I have in development. It's an opportunity to discuss what a shared human vision could be. What are we up to as a species? What do we want to create and more to the point, what can we agree on?

If you have a story you think would be a good fit for these podcasts, or if you have an event in which you’d like me to take part, let me know!